Successful Outcomes

Defining success at RSC

At Reproductive Specialists of the Carolinas, we believe in a collective measure of success—part happy outcomes, part patient perspective, part community support. Our definition is inclusive of all areas that contribute to our clinic’s growth and our patients’ growing families.

Prioritizing Patient Journeys

Successful pregnancies are the ultimate goal, but our team is also mindful of the journey. How we treat patients at each step is part of the outcome, and so we’re committed to creating patient-centered, boutique experiences that lead to healthy babies. We pride ourselves on not being a cookie-cutter fertility clinic that rushes patients through their appointments. An overbooked schedule can lead to overlooked opportunities. We can see from our patients' success stories and our success rates that our focused approach works.

Sharing in Patients’ Joy

It’s a victory lap for our team when we receive a positive patient review or testimonial, which serve as proof that we’ve done our jobs well enough to inspire others to share their experiences. We also love getting updates from patients after they’ve left our care, and we value any feedback that allows us to improve as a team and strengthen the services we deliver.

Trusted by Local Care Providers

Earning the trust of our peers and our professional standing in the local community is of immeasurable value to us and contributes to our overall success rate. The referrals we receive allow us to expand as a clinic and as a community of care.

An important note of transparency to our current and prospective patients: While Dr. Johnson and her team have had exceptional success with previous patients, as a new practice we are unable to share formalized success rates and statistics. We will release that information as soon as it is made available.

“Fertility treatment isn’t one-size-fits-all. It should be unique – like you.”

— Dr. Matrika Johnson

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