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What is Reproductive Endocrinology?

Reproductive endocrinology is a subspecialty of OB/GYN focused on identifying and treating infertility, menopause and other conditions concerning reproductive hormones for both men and women. Reproductive endocrinologists are OB/GYN physicians with advanced training and certification. In addition to their obstetric and gynecology board certifications, reproductive endocrinologists complete a three-year fellowship in endocrine disorders related to male and female reproductive systems.

What Reproductive Endocrinologists Treat


Infertility is defined as women under the age of 35 who have been trying to get pregnant for at least one year without success or women 35 years of age or older who have been trying to get pregnant for six months or more without success.


Women who have had success becoming pregnant but have struggled with miscarriages or carrying a baby to full term.


PCOS is the most common hormone disorder in women of reproductive age. Symptoms may include infrequent or prolonged menstrual cycles, an excess of male hormones, or polycystic ovaries.


Fibroids are noncancerous growths of the uterus that often appear in women of reproductive age. Symptoms may include pelvic pain or pressure, prolonged or heavy periods, spotting between menstrual cycles, frequent urination, low back pain, pain during intercourse or difficulty becoming pregnant.


An irregular menstrual cycle is defined as infrequent periods (oligomenorrhea) or an abnormal absence of periods (amenorrhea). This condition might be caused by a family history of irregular menstrual cycles, menopause, premature menopause, an excess of physical or mental stress, smoking or a side effect of medications. We can help you identify and treat this condition.


Most of the time, there are no concerning or noticeable symptoms caused by uterine abnormalities. A hysterosalpingogram (HSG) may determine if a uterine abnormality is present and causing infertility or pregnancy loss.


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